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The Next Union Meeting will be on:
Tuesday  September 13, 2022   5:00 PM 
at the
FTC Training Center

Meetings alternate between the FCI El Reno Union House and the FTC Training Center.

Welcome to AFGE Local 171

Welcome to the AFGE Local 171 website.  Local 171 represents the bargaining unit employees at:

The Federal Correctional Institution in El Reno

The Federal Transfer Center in Oklahoma City 

This site is dedicated to the union members who protect society from the criminals society locks away.

Local 171 Receives 2 CPL 33 National Awards  2021 Bob Brantley and Most Organized in SCR Awards

AFGE Local 171 Alert Newsletter

Know You're Rights!

Did you know anytime you are faced with disciplinary actions you may (highly recommended) request a union representative?  Just tell your supervisor you want a union representative before they begin to discipline you.  See your Weingarten Rights here.  Click here for a Union Rep.

All Bargaining Unit Employees of the  Bureau of Prisons have the right to be accompanied by a Union Representative to all interviews with management officials, in which the employee reasonably believes the interview might result in disciplinary action (e.g. Investigative, Safety, Accident, Mystery Shopper) to include "NOT THE SUBJECT OF THE INVESTIGATION".

Vaccine mandates for Federal Employees

October 30, 2021
October 26, 2021

To the Members and Leaders of the Council,

We are pleased to announce that we are in the final stages of legal actions in at least two states related to the mandate. Although the filings are in two states (at this time), all members of the Council will be encompassed in these actions. We have requested expedited actions, and immediate injunctive action, however it is important to note that it has not been granted at the time of this notice. More details will be made available as the filings are formally presented to the courts.

Although we fully understand the difficulty when confronting an executive order, we believe it would be irresponsible to sit back and not exhaust every possible option when nearly half of our members' Constitutional Rights, jobs, and livelihoods are at stake. This Council always has, and will continue to lead in representing the members of the Council of Prison Locals.

Shane Fausey, President
National Council of Prison Locals 33


I want to be very clear: Local 171 does NOT support mandatory vaccinations. CPL does NOT support mandatory vaccinations. We support the individual right to make your own medical decisions. An employer should NOT mandate medical decisions, that is between an individual and their family. Nothing official has been released. When it does, I have assurances that National will be taking action once anything is released. We will be releasing information to the Local as we receive it.

Josh Lepird
President Local 171
FTC Oklahoma City
FCI El Reno

The council invoked its rights under EO 14043 (Mandatory Coronavirus 2019 Vaccines for Federal Employees). This is in conjunction with the Council's discussions with multiple law firms in attempts to file a lawsuit. The council will continue to work on this issue and will keep the membership updated as information arises. As AFGE National has pointed out, we expect to bargain any and all changes. This is not something we will take being rammed down our throat. I have attached the invocation for negotiations for you all to review.  Invocations.


Local 171 does not support any mandate of vaccines on Federal Employees and see this as a personal choice.  Shane Fausey, the National President of CPL033 stated this regarding personal choice and vaccines:

"To the Leaders and Members of the Council,

The announcement from the White House yesterday is disappointing and defies the promises given to the Unions across the country. The tone of the press conference was concerning.

Our position has not changed since a press release related to the CJS Subcommittee Hearing involving the BOP Director on March 18, 2021 and a second release on July 28, 2021. I will include it for your reference:

"To address the recurring inquiries related to COVID vaccinations and the employees of the BOP, our employees have worked day and night under the most extreme circumstances during the COVID crisis. Some have given their lives. Our employees dedicate their lives to protecting the American public. Their Constitutional rights, those same rights of all citizens, deserve to be protected. Their freedom to decide to accept a vaccine, or decline a vaccine, is protected by the Constitution and remains a personal choice. If the legislative branch believes that it is critical to vaccinate all people, I would assume that they would quickly pass legislation to compel all citizens to be vaccinated. We should protect our employees' Constitutional choice of vaccinations, especially those that are available only by 'emergency authorized use'. To imply that our Federal Law Enforcement Employees are falling short on their professional obligations by not voluntarily sacrificing their Constitutional rights is irresponsible."

We are actively pursuing the legal landscape and any and all options that have the potential to protect our members. We have consulted with other council leaders and LEO groups. We do not accept forced or mandated dictates that ignore Constitutional protections such as religious objections and adverse medical exemptions.

Our members' frustrations are justified as the previous promises that the vaccines available would eliminate the need for future masking and would stop the spread of COVID19 proved false. By its own admission, the CDC has revealed that the vaccines available do not prevent a person from contracting COVID19 nor does it stop a person from transmitting it to others. The narrative that the unvaccinated are endangering the vaccinated is pure speculative rhetoric. This is the same CDC decision makers that left the dedicated men and women of the Bureau of Prisons to fend for themselves during the height of the pandemic, through the CDC's inaction and unresponsiveness we were forced to develop herd immunity through direct exposure, and by the grace of God most of us survived.

The irony in this decision is mandating vaccines upon all of the employees of the Bureau of Prisons, but due to Constitutional concerns, not mandating the same vaccine upon our most medically complex and vulnerable group, the incarcerated population.

Our agency has struggled with staffing deficiencies for years, and recently we focused our efforts and for the first time in many years, began to see a slight increase in overall numbers. I truly believe this decision has the potential to undo all of those efforts by the end of the year.

We will exhaust all legal options to protect our members as they continue to protect America"

Shane Fausey, President
National Council of Prison Locals 33


New Staff Members

We encourage all bargaining unit staff to become union members.  Remember, strength is in numbers.  As a member of Local 171 you WILL be heard.  Click here to download the form to  join the AFGE Local 171 Union.  Contact any Union steward for more information about becoming a member.

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