AFGE Local 171

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The Next Union Meeting will be on:
Tuesday  September 14, 2021   5:00 PM 
at the
FTC Training Center

Meetings alternate between the FCI El Reno Union House and the FTC Training Center.

Welcome to AFGE Local 171

Welcome to the AFGE Local 171 website.  Local 171 represents the bargaining unit employees at:

The Federal Correctional Institution in El Reno

The Federal Transfer Center in Oklahoma City 

This site is dedicated to the union members who protect society from the criminals society locks away.

Local 171 Receives CPL 33 National Award

2020 South Central Regional Award

AFGE Local 171 Alert Newsletter

Know You're Rights!

Did you know anytime you are faced with disciplinary actions you may (highly recommended) request a union representative?  Just tell your supervisor you want a union representative before they begin to discipline you.  See your Weingarten Rights here.  Click here for a Union Rep.

All Bargaining Unit Employees of the  Bureau of Prisons have the right to be accompanied by a Union Representative to all interviews with management officials, in which the employee reasonably believes the interview might result in disciplinary action (e.g. Investigative, Safety, Accident, Mystery Shopper) to include "NOT THE SUBJECT OF THE INVESTIGATION".

Local 171 Supports Law Enforcement

This Local does not support any defunding of Law Enforcement. There is great danger in believing that doing so will correct the action of a few bad apples. We are proud of our brothers and sisters, and categorically reject any calls for removing society's protection against criminals. The following is illustrative of the dangers faced by our brothers and sisters in New York if they are punished with defunding. We reject the idea that eliminating police will stop bad actions by a very small few. Only vigilance, training, and ensuring we hold each other accountable can do that, as we all try to live up to the Public's expectations. We support Law Enforcement and we reject those that abuse their authority. We can do both, and will continue to do both.

To follow up on the last post, as there have been questions. This Local does not support any organizations that call for violence against anyone, hate, or advocates harming Law Enforcement Officers. We are highly disappointed at our AFGE National Eboard for not calling out these groups that are perpetuating violence and advocating harm to Law Enforcement.

As a Local, we will be voting against any and all individuals at the national level that do not share our values and devalues our Law Enforcement family.

We do not control the national Eboard, and we disagree with their silence and lack of support for their Law Enforcement members. We support you, our brothers and sisters, and now more than ever we will be standing strong to ensure our folks are being treated fairly, especially when the knee-jerk reaction going forward will be to automatically call into question the actions of each and every one of us because of the actions of a few bad individuals, who we all can agree were way outside of what could be considered acceptable or even reasonable.

We condemn their actions, but we will not stand for our members to be treated unfairly, harshly, and disrespectfully because of actions they had nothing to do with. Our folks go to work each and every day to keep the peace inside our walls and protect the public, as well as our charges.

It is important to stand together locally, as now more than ever we will need to watch each others back and ensure we protect each other. The Local 171 Eboard is proud of our profession, we are proud of our brothers and sisters, and we are proud to represent you. Thank you all for being the hard working professionals you are. We will continue to call out disengenious actions, and strive to represent you all with honor and integrity.


New Staff Members

We encourage all bargaining unit staff to become union members.  Remember, strength is in numbers.  As a member of Local 171 you WILL be heard.  Click here to download the form to  join the AFGE Local 171 Union.  Contact any Union steward for more information about becoming a member.

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         Correctional Peace Officers Foundation

The CPOF was created in 1984 as a national, non-profit charitable organization. Its primary function is to preserve and support the surviving families of Correctional Officers who lose their lives in the line of duty.  Membership is as little as $5.00 per month.    Membership benefits to the CPOF include:  

Full coverage under the CPO Foundation's Death Benefit Program

Membership Card and Membership Decal

Subscription to the CPO Foundation's Quarterly Publication

Remember, your membership is tax deductible!

Click here to visit The Correctional Peace Officers (CPO) Foundation's website.

 Want to become a member now?  Contact any e-board member at FCI El Reno or FTC Oklahoma City

You do not have to be a bargaining unit employee for this benefit